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Double Diamond Real Estate, LLC is always happy to help and provides progressive real estate entitling buyers and sellers to the expertise they need, and the success they deserve! An agency that is both Indiana and Illinois licensed, Double Diamond Real Estate is able to give you double the exposure. Whether you are a first - time buyer/seller or a seasoned investor, Double Diamond Real Estate's extensive experience, comprehensive market knowledge, and undisputed reputation assures both buyers and sellers a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

Double Diamond Real Estate, LLC was founded by Broker/Owner Jennifer Williamson. Jennifer maintains professionalism, dedication, and first - class service for all clients. This industrious philosophy has kept Jennifer, Double Diamond Real Estate, and it's Realtors actively involved
in selling millions of dollars of real estate. This philosophy has fostered a circle of reliable, dependable, and dedicated professionals who deliver 100%, on time, every time.
Buying and selling your home is one of the most important decisions you will make.
Jennifer Williamson and her associated professionals excel in assisting the needs of
Northwest Indiana residents who are adding to their families, settling estates, upsizing,
or downsizing. As a Double Diamond Real Estate client, we are always happy to help you
reach your goal with knowledge, confidence, control, and support. Double Diamond Real Estate's expertise will give you the success you deserve!

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